Access Programs (Specializing in services for patrons with disabilities)

This is where our true expertise lies.  All of the Fahntoosh Enterprises staff have extensive experience working with people with disabilities.  Check out our “About page” to learn more about us. 

The thought of attending a massive outdoor music festival can be daunting for anyone.  But imagine being a person with a disability who uses a wheelchair, for example.  “Daunting” doesn’t even scratch the surface. 

What Fahntoosh Enterprises does is make the music festival experience a positive one for everyone.  Although we cannot change the fact that there are often hundreds of 1000s of people in attendance and often some tough terrain to navigate, we can make the experience better for people with disabilities than it would ever be without our services.  


Some of the things we manage:

A staffed Access Center where patrons can check in and have their questions answered. We insist that electricity is available at the Access Center so powered wheelchairs and scooters can be charged as needed. 

We can manage a dedicated email address before, during, and after the event to be sure patrons' questions are answered correctly and in a timely manner. 

Staffed viewing platforms for patrons with mobility disabilities at stages where the line of sight is better.  Each patron may have one companion join them on the platforms. 

We can provide printed materials in both Braille and large print.

We can provide consulting services to events ahead of time or on site to ensure the event is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

We can contract with interpreters for the deaf/hard of hearing to be onsite the duration of the event, stationed at the Access Center and/or interpreting the performances on the stages. 

Information Booth and Lost & Found Management

We have begun managing more and more Information Booths and Lost & Found programs at the events we work. 

With the help of our preferred lost & found software provider, Crowdfind, we have helped countless festival-goers reunite with their stuff!  Let us ring our cowbell for you! 


RFID/Scan Management

Fahntoosh Enterprises supervises all of the Scan Staff at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Some of the duties we perform in that role include:

  • On-site 24-hour supervision of 120+ scan staffers at all gates

  • Troubleshoot scan equipment (both free-standing portals and hand-held scanners)

  • Communicate with event production staff and RFID vendors to ensure smooth and safe flow of crowds (both ingress and egress) at all gates.


Volunteer Program and Staff Management

Managing people is what we do! Crews of as few as a dozen people to massive organizations of 1000s of volunteers – we’re experienced with it all. 

Some of the things we focus on:

  • Scheduling and organization of personnel : depending on the event’s need, we can schedule all volunteers or set up a tier of team leaders to help everything run smoothly

  • Communication : before, during, and after an event so there are never any surprises

  • Training : some of the services we provide are specialized and require training of volunteers/staff. Leave that to us so you don’t have to worry about it!