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Fahntoosh Enterprises is a small Austin-based, woman-owned event specialist company. We are live music enthusiasts who want to make the music scene accessible and enjoyable for everyone! We can provide a wide variety of event services, on both large and small scales. Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Clusterfest, Welcome to Rockville, Aftershock, Bonnaroo, Louder Than Life, and Forecastle Festival are all clients of Fahntoosh Enterprises.

What’s in a name?  Well, in the case of Fahntoosh Enterprises...not a lot.  Long story short, a group of girl friends were out for a night of revelry and live music in Austin, Texas. In waltzes a gentleman ("gentleman" being a generous term) who the ladies knew of but had never actually met.  And they would make sure that they did not really meet that night.  Rather than providing real names as introductions, our creative friend Daniele introduced everyone with names from the strange inner-workings of her mind.  Pointing to each friend respectively she said, “This is Roxie, this is Trixie, this is Fahntoosh”, and finally, “this is Francine Bonjourno.”  Somehow Fahntoosh stuck as Cari’s nickname from that night forward.  The others were spared….go figure.


Cari Wieland has been a part of the live music scene in one capacity or another….as a fan, a volunteer, a production professional, or event specialist… for almost 30 years.  She has worked or attended countless festivals, including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Bonnaroo, the Kerrville Folk Festival, Old Settler’s Music Festival, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, SXSW, Forecastle Festival, Firefly, Aftershock, Bourbon & Beyond, Louder Than Life, Grandoozy, Clusterfest, JMBLYA, the Gentlemen of the Road tour, and many, many more! In fact, the list grows by leaps and bounds every year! She also worked full-time at SXSW in Austin, TX for 8 years, and still continues to work the event each year in one capacity or another.

Cari’s professional life in the event management business began as a volunteer, but she is now proud to say it’s her full-time career. Before making the leap to event management, Cari was the Director of Special Education Assessments at the Texas Education Agency for 14 years. Before that, she was a high school principal and special education teacher. What a difference a few years makes! You’d be hard-pressed to find her in a business suit anymore these days!

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When Amy Patton was 8 years old, her uncle Bill gave her a guitar for Christmas, and ever since music has played a huge roll in her life.  Although her skills on the guitar only progressed to “camp fire level,” her love and appreciation of music, as well as those who make it, has only strengthened throughout the years.  Amy has been attending live music shows most of her life, but her first camping festival in 2003 (Willie Nelson’s Picnic) opened up a whole new world.  Since then, she has attended countless shows and as many festivals as her schedule would allow. 

Amy has been helping people for almost as long as she has loved music. She started off in the Peer Assistance Leadership program in high school and realized that she had a knack for working with all kinds of people.  After serving as an RA in college and volunteering with adults with intellectual disabilities, she started a career working with children and adults with psychiatric and behavioral issues.  She has also volunteered with Special Olympics for multiple years, and has several special needs folks in her life.   Her work experience and her love of music combined when she started volunteering at Austin City Limits Music Festival in their “Access Program” for patrons with mobility disabilities.  This first volunteering experience had Amy hooked, and she found her calling with Fahntoosh Enterprises.  Since then, her countless festival experience also includes Bonnaroo, SXSW, Okeechobee, Louder Than Life, and Forecastle.  The list continues to grow and she can’t wait for her next adventure. 

LaDon Matthys has been attending live music events since the mid 1980s and worked her first festival in 1995. She has enjoyed being behind the scenes even more than attending as a patron.

Having spent her career teaching and serving individuals with disabilities in many capacities, LaDon is extremely grateful to have found a way to combine two of her greatest passions working as a part of the Fahntoosh team. 

Steve Markel ("Burrito") is an event professional who brings 18 years of events and marketing experience to Fahntoosh. From small 100 person events to large major festivals, Steve brings his unique perspective and warm heart to each production.

Like the rest of the Fahntoosh team, Steve's love for music and the world around it give him life. His dedication to supporting creative people, art, and serving as an advocate for our disabled brothers and sisters is a role he holds close to his heart. Our volunteers at the first annual Okeechobee festival in 2016 were responsible for his nickname and he whole-heartedly accepted the title. If you see Burrito at one of the festivals make sure to give him a high-five!


After college Faith Cichon started her career as a Event Coordinator at Carlos n Charlie's on Lake Travis, Texas. Quickly her position grew into an event logistics role coordinating hospitality, ticket & retail sales, and staffing for their annual summer concert series. It was there she was able to merge her love of music with her career. In the off-season she began volunteering for SXSW and other large events around Austin introducing her to the Fahntoosh Family. Since joining the team she has lent her expertise to many events such as Austin City Limits Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Austin Trail of Lights, just to name a few.


Craig Floyd developed a love of music at an early age. He followed that love to the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em!) and holds a degree in Radio, Television, and Film. Following college he started a career in radio in Dallas Texas. He started at The Ticket in its infancy and it is now one of the best-known sports stations in America. From there he went to Las Vegas to start working as an on-air personality. That experience took him back to Dallas and on the air at the historic K-104.

Once he returned to Austin, Craig began working at a bar on Sixth Street and has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in music. He eventually volunteered for SXSW and that’s where he met Cari Wieland. She gave him a chance to become part of the Fahntoosh Family and he couldn’t be happier. He absolutely loves traveling and working the music festivals we do and learning new things as he expands on his ADA knowledge. He’s been given the opportunity to go places and see things he could have never experienced otherwise. You don’t have to be blood to be family. This group of people epitomizes that more than any group he knows.

Cari always tells people that Craig just looks mean and that he really is a big ‘ole teddy bear. If you see him wandering around a festival, please stop and say hello. He loves meeting new people and being able to help all of our friends with disabilities around the country.


Tom Rogan’s life has revolved around both music and traveling for as long as he can remember, so it was natural for him to fall in with Fahntoosh. He started working music festivals for the free wristbands only to find that the world behind the curtain was where he really belonged, and quickly became a regular voice on the radio at events all across the country. 

He's a jack of all trades and is the guy we rely on to “come over here and fix this," and "go do that over there." Tom is a musician and a craftsman who appreciates the world and everything in it. He has a big heart, and is dedicated to helping others and providing a positive experience for all festival patrons at every event he works.

Interested in becoming part of the Fahntoosh team?